FIFA’s Big Black Friday Boycott

Fans start petition to #FixFIFA and gain over 38,000 signatures.

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Fans of the FIFA series have taken to the internet to vocalise their discontent with the franchises latest release, FIFA 18, with #FixFIFA gaining momentum on social media platforms. There is even a #FixFIFA petition on which has over 38,000 signatures.

In addition to a serious amount of bugs and exploits, fans are concerned over the current set up of the Weekend League, which at this point rather unsurprisingly drags up the microtransaction argument again. As it stands the league requires players to play 40 games every weekend… at 20-minutes each… Yeah. For those of you not so good with numbers, that amounts to well over 13 hours, not including team management and match preparation. The convenient alternative to this investment of time is an investment of real world money. This has been a recurring controversy with EA recently.

In order to further try and prompt action fans were calling for a boycott of any FIFA 18 Black Friday sales on both the game and content. The publishing giant EA isn’t known for backing down, but did recently make changes with Battlefront II following public and professional backlash, (which you can read more about here) so only time will tell if we see changes happen here.

Steam Overhauls Review Process

Valve attempt to prevent review bombing by taking power away from accounts that leave an “excessive number of reviews”.


Steam has been working on solutions to their review bombing problem that has been impacting games and teams behind them.

Review bombing essentially works by posting a large number of negative reviews, or by voting existing reviews as either helpful or not helpful in order to distort the perception of a game, and often users will utilise bots to help them achieve this.

On talking about the subject in a blog post the Steam team said:

“This behaviour is not only humanly impossible, but definitely not a thoughtful indication of how ‘helpful’ each of those reviews were,”

“These users also tend to rate up just the negative reviews while rating down the positive reviews (or vice-versa) in an attempt to distort which reviews are shown by default.”

The latest changes will impact accounts that rate an excessive number of reviews on a single game by reducing the weight of each review rating, making it count for less compared to someone who operates within “typical” behaviours.

The store page will also be adjusted to ensure that the number of helpful and negative reviews displayed roughly matches the user review score of the game. For example, this means a game with 80% positive rating would feature eight positive reviews, and two negative.


Slow Week For News

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