Call of Duty: WWII hits the shelves

The influential First-Person Shooter releases it’s latest addition, travelling back in time to where the series started.


It was a slow week for releases due to the fear of going up against this heavyweight title. Still haven’t picked it up yet? Click here to get it from Amazon.

Paris Games Week surprises crowds

Playstation’s conference show wows audience and the whole internet with new trailers and reveals.


Sony stole the show at Paris Game Week last week with literally dozens of new trailers and reveals. Their main focus was on exclusives and PSVR, which let’s be honest, is obviously a clever play in reaction to Microsoft expecting the Xbox One X to be a resounding success.

It appears to have worked however, with the internet going crazy over the announcement of Spelunky 2, Ghost of Tsushima and Concrete Genie amongst others, and reigniting passion for God of War, Spiderman and The Last of Us Part II.

We updated you with trailers for Ghost of Tsushima and Last of Us Part II as these were our personal highlights. To see these click below, sit back and enjoy.

Ghost of Tsushima

Last of Us: Part II

EA to hold back on Switch releases

Publisher will wait to see Nintendo’s success before further releases.


Last week EA CFO Blake Jorgensen told the Wall Street Journal that they are waiting until the Switch has been on sale a full year before it makes a decision about developing any more games for the console.

EA released FIFA 18 for the Switch back in September, but Jorgensen says that EA wants “to fully understand what the demand is” on Nintendo’s console before investing further in the system.

Nintendo has had significant success with the Switch and many big publishers are capitalising on this by re-releasing their top games especially for everybody’s favourite portable console (Skyrim, Doom and L.A.Noire for crying out loud). This makes EA’s decision a confusing one, but given the way they seem to be very careful about their money we can’t say it’s a surprising one. Let’s just hope they don’t miss the boat though eh…


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