Game Releases

Some of the year’s biggest releases hit our consoles last week including long awaited franchises.


Last week saw the following games hit your screens:
Assassin’s Creed: Origins
Super Mario Odyssey
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Just Dance 2018

Rockstar Talk Lack Of GTAV Single Player DLC

Single player content “not possible nor necessary”: still potential for content in future releases though.

maxresdefault (2)

Rockstar created something special with GTAV and even after years since its initial release, it is still one of the most popular games on the shelves. And, despite technical problems early on, GTA Online is arguably the main contributor to its success.

It’s no surprise then, in this modern climate of video game monetisation, that Rockstar would continue to create content for the online platform to keep that sweet revenue coming in.

Many players were somewhat disheartened at the lack of single player DLC though. Waiting and waiting and clinging on to every whisper or rumour. Well, the wait is finally over, but not necessarily in a good way.

Imran Sarwar from Rockstar Games states  “As a company we love single-player more than anything, and believe in it absolutely – for storytelling and a sense of immersion in a world, multiplayer games don’t rival single-player games,”

“With GTA V, the single-player game was absolutely massive and very, very complete. It was three games in one. The next-gen versions took a year of everyone’s time to get right, then the online component had a lot of potential, but to come close to realising that potential also sucked up a lot of resources.”

Sarwar implies that resources are the main reason for the lack of single player content and that it wasn’t a “conscious decision”. The team first had to focus on online, then on the remaster and then move towards other projects such as Red Dead Redemption 2.

Sarwar goes on to say, “not everything is always possible, but we still love single-player open-world games more than anything… I don’t think you could make a game like GTA V if you did not like single-player games and trying to expand their possibilities.”

Although it’s understandable that resources were limited for working on the title it is vastly noticeable that there was no shortage of online content and updates, which clearly took precedence over the single player aspect. Which still leaves us with this question- was it all for the money?

Microsoft Pulls Plug On Kinect

Gaming camera that launched on Xbox 360 finally has time of death called.


You may well be reading this thinking “Kinect, isn’t that the thing that was out like seven years ago? They were still making that thing?!” Well, yes, and your surprise would be justifiable.

The unit sold over 35 million units across its seven years on the shelves. However, about 19 million of those were in its opening year.

Obviously, as it got off to such a strong start it convinced Microsoft that it had serious potential and they decided to bundle an updated version of it with every Xbox One, going so far as to build its user interface around the Kinect’s voice command features. You may remember this being a big part of the marketing campaign at the console’s launch.

However, Playstation 4’s sales far exceeded that of the Xbox One so Microsoft had to make some changes to their strategy. One of the actions they took was to remove the Kinect from the hardware bundle in order to lower their price point. After this, there just wasn’t as much motivation for developers to support the format, and as support died, so did interest in the product.

After being long forgotten, the Kinect has finally had production pulled. Microsoft has said that they will continue tech support on the product, but once the shelves are empty then the Kinect’s story is over.

Destiny 2 Reverses Bans

Bungie lift bans issued to players by mistake and attempt to clarify policy.


Last week Destiny 2 arrived on PC after a more than successful launch on consoles. However, outcry quickly followed as many players found themselves banned for no reason, some before even playing the game.

Bungie initially responded to players comments with the following statement:

“Bans were applied to players who were using tools that pose a threat to the shared ecosystem of the game… We did not (and will not) issue any bans for the use of overlays or performance tools, including Discord, Xsplit, OBS, RTSS, etc.”

This obviously didn’t answer any questions for players, and even prompted more questions on the matter. So the players kept seeking answers and Bungie then released another statement;

“As part of our ban review process, we have identified a group of players who were banned in error. Those players have been unbanned. The bans were not related to the third-party applications listed above. We will continue to review the process we use to ensure a fun and fair game.”


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