This month sees gaming season kick into full swing. Expect to see empty wallets and full hard drives over the next few weeks as the year’s most wanted start getting their play time in ahead of Christmas. Now don’t get us wrong, there are LOADS more great titles this October, but to make things easier for you we have picked 5 of the month’s most anticipated. Have fun, you wonderful people.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War

October 10th – PS4, Xbox One, PC

Sequel to the surprise hit Shadow of Mordor, you get the chance to return as Talion and his difficult-to-pronounce body buddy to take on a new evil. With an improved Nemesis system and a ramped up tactical element this game seems set to not let down its predecessor.

The Evil Within 2

October 13th – PS4, Xbox One, PC

Another sequel out this month is this terrifyingly surreal survival horror. You return as Sebastian on a mission to save his daughter in a game that has enhanced mechanics and improved graphics, all in time for halloween…yay…

Gran Turismo Sport

October 18th – PS4

One of two massive driving sims out this month (the other being Forza 7). This is arguably the series that made driving sims what they are today. Yes, it’s technically not a full installment for the series, but it is still one of the largest GT titles to date and with a VR mode included too, this is definitely a must have for any gear head.

Super Mario Odyssey

October 27th – Switch

Possibly the Switch’s most anticipated title out this month. Any Nintendo fans out there will already know all about this wonderfully nostalgic and cap-tivating (GET IT?) adventure. For those who don’t, firstly where have you been, secondly, just check out some of the videos available and tell me you don’t instantly warp back to the warm and fuzzy innocent gaming days of your childhood.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins

October 27th – PS4, Xbox One, PC

A long running gaming series that has taken a bit of a time out on the naughty step after running into some issues. Assassin’s Creed finally returns and it looks like it has done a lot of contemplation and is back bigger and badder than ever. Avoiding the Forrest Gump-esque history telling of previous installments and with a complete gameplay overhaul, this looks to be the most exciting AC the series has offered us in years.

Want any of these? Well, here you go…


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