With Christmas creeping ever closer and the all the big games desperate to get a slice of that seasonal pie, September is where we start to see some of the years biggest titles clawing at each other for your attention. So, being the nice people that we are we have done the hard work for you and picked 5 of this months releases to look be out for. Enjoy. Your welcome.

Destiny 2

September 6th – PS4, Xbox One

As the name would suggest this is a sequel to the hit online FPS Destiny. I say sequel, its more a game that makes all your grinding in the first game irrelevant as Earth has fallen to a new enemy. The Red Legion (intimidating right?). The good news though is the feedback from the first game seems to have been taken on board and Destiny 2 appears to have a slicker more refined campaign and improved online gameplay. A promising title for returning fans and fresh faced guardians.

Dishonoured: Death of the Outsider

September 15th – PS4, Xbox One, PC

This standalone expansion to Dishonoured 2 puts you in to the shoes of a new protagonist Billie Lurk, as you attempt to take down the mysterious and powerful Outsider. Experience new powers and weapons as you delve into the dark world of Dishonoured once again.

Project Cars 2

September 22nd – PS4, Xbox One, PC

With its impressive graphics and even more impressive technical replication, this is a driving sim that is up there with the likes of Forza and Gran Turismo. For any racing fan out there, the tons of single and multiplayer options on offer make this an absolute must have. Novices beware though, as beautiful a game it is… it will take some practice.


September 29th – Xbox One, PC

Now this one has been long awaited, originally being announced at E3 two years ago. This amazingly stylised game is essentially a more stressful 1930’s animation, BUT in the good way. This is arcade gameplay at its best.


September 29th – PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Switch, PC

Now, without opening up the whole football debate can of worms, I could also have mentioned the upcoming PES release (Sept 12th). FIFA, however, has the added plus of being available for Switch on release. FIFAs campaign sees the return of Hunter and his aspiring career. Everyone knows the deal with football sims by now. This is your opportunity to get that same fix with better graphics and animations.

Want any of these? Well, here you go…

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