RATING: “Super” visuals and easily addictive gameplay. 

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So Injustice 2 has been out a little while now and we are just getting on to the review now.  “Why so late on the review Virtual Viking?”. Because life happens. And also because every small bit of spare time was filled with playing Injustice 2, raising my team of super badass heroes and villains just. one. more. level….

Injustice 2 follows on from the hit first game created by the people who brought you Mortal Kombat. It is set in an alternate universe in which Superman went a little cuckoo after being tricked into killing a pregnant Louis and their unborn child (Who wouldn’t go a little crazy right?)

“…which combined create this beautiful and surprisingly accessible game.”

Now I am sure many of you will have tried a fighting/ beat em up game at some point and will be thinking “Nah mate, not interested, they make them way too hard”. And you would be right. Fighting games have built a reputation of being for the hardcore fans. People who sit in their room playing over and over for 18 hours a day. Injustice 2 certainly has this aspect to it and has the same competitive tournaments that many other games in its genre has. HOWEVER, this game goes beyond that. There is so much to do across all the game various game modes, so many ways to play, and a well structured difficulty system in place which combined create this beautiful and surprisingly accessible game. See… maybe you shouldn’t have prejudged it after all…


Now, accessibility is great and everything, but the thing that sets this game apart from other fighters for me is the visuals. And by that I don’t just mean “Oh wow…look at them good graphics…mmm”. I mean everything that is fed to your eyes by this game. Yes the graphic quality is top class, and suitability fitting to the dark nature of the game and that of the DC comics. But there is also the animations, the fluidity of movement when stringing together combinations of attacks, the living and breathing backgrounds…and the supermoves. Oh those supermoves. I found myself wanting to play each character at least once (apart from Cyborg…he bores me…) simply to feel the power and take in those next level finishing attacks. It all works so well that sometimes you forget to notice it, it all just feels….right.

“It all works so well that sometimes you forget to notice it, it all just feels….right”

Character customisation was a big push for this sequel. Being able to customise your favourite heroes and villains from DC?! How awesome is that?! Well, only kinda it turns out. Yeah its great to have that option in the game and there is a relatively large amount of customisation available to players…for a price. Micro transactions have been put in to the game as unfortunately that is just the way that business is done these days. And yes, it is possible to earn loot through in game actions but it involves a lot of grinding, and a gamble on what you receive, the best pieces of gear coming about few and far between, and no guarantee what character you will even receive them for. As luck has it you can bet the batwing that it will be for the same 3 characters you just don’t want to play as (Stupid Cyborg, Poison Ivy and Scarecrow taking all the loot. BAH!). It’s an amazing concept and very nearly smashed it but it fell just short of the super meter for me.

This is pretty much the only negative point worth highlighting in an otherwise great game. Well done Netherealm. Well done.

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