Oh Ubisoft. How we love your ability to recycle old games and their concepts. That’s why you keep giving them to us isn’t it. Aww you’re so kind. Oh and you gave us some surprises too?! Well, this is almost too much.

Here are the highlights from Ubisoft’s conference:

Assassins Creed: Origins – Everyone already knew this was coming due to all the leaks and rumours ever since AC’s last outing in London 2 years ago. The year out gave hope to a new refreshed AC game, which didn’t last very long after seeing the trailer. Granted the footage shown is from a pre alpha (very early) version of the game but currently it looks like just another recycled AC. Don’ get us wrong, we like AC and everything, we just really wanted (and the franchise kind of needed) something different.


Skull & Bones –  AND talking of recycled AC games, we have another recycled AC game. Ubisoft have taken the naval gameplay from Assassins Creed: Black Flag and made it multiplayer and then stuck a shiny new label on it. We would love to say more about it but just take a look at the trailer. It’s Black Flag with multiplayer. Nothing more, nothing less.


South Park: The Fractured But Whole – This is not really news as we have seen this title a lot previously and after its many delays it looks like we may actually get to play this soon. This one looks good and the graphic style of South park suits the game perfectly. Bring on satire ripping in to comic book culture! Woo!


Beyond Good And Evil 2 – Now we’re on to the juicy stuff! No one was expecting this one. Many people have been crying out for years for a sequel to the hit original game. This cinematic teaser trailer is the best we’ve seen in a while and has definitely got us VERY interested in seeing more on this one. Still very few details at the moment but one to keep an eye on!


Far Cry 5 –  Ok back to the recycled games. Another Far Cry. Granted there has been some interesting talk around the title this time, including the ability to customise your character. However, it still seems a bit underwhelming. We are fans of the earlier Far Cry games and would love to see some more which makes this game stand out from every…single…other…Far Cry


Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – Mario, yes THAT Mario, in a crossover game with the Rabbids from the Rayman and spin off party game series…which takes the form of a turn based strategy….GENIUS. We think. They say theres a fine line between genius and madness….



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