As one of the big hitters of the gaming world a lot of eyes were on EA at their conference. Although there were some obvious gameplay showcases and generic roll outs of exhausted franchises, there were actually some exciting moments to whet everyones appetite a little bit. Here is our brief breakdown of their conference:

Star Wars Battlefront II – Now its likely you’ve probably heard by now that there is a new Battlefront game on the way (it’s difficult not to with all the hype around Star Wars at the moment). Well now we’ve seen our first proper look at the new game with EA proudly showing off multiplayer gameplay with an impressive array of playable heroes and villains, which can be used regardless of which trilogy you are in which will have all the super geeks out there pulling their hair out because THATS NOT CANON!


Need For Speed Payback – Here we go… another Need For Speed… woo… Fans of the series may be interested in this one as it has a handful of new features and mechanics (programmed game mechanics, not the kind with wrenches) being introduced. Including the fact that you will now play as 3 characters across the game (an idea I’m sure hasn’t been stolen from GTAV AT ALL). For us though it does just seem like just another NFS and hasn’t really peaked our interest. Sorry EA.


A Way Out – Now this one we DO like the look of. Created by the director of Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons is this new Prison Break- esque game which is looking to be a shining beacon for multiplayer. Too many games these days have forgotten couch co-op. NOT THIS ONE THOUGH. A Way Out allows 2 players in split screen to simultaneously play out each characters story, with the co-op being the entire premise of the game, rather than just an after thought. We can’t wait to hear more on this one.


Anthem – Another new reveal was a new sci-fi title from Bioware. For a lot of you that have played Mass Effect: Andromeda that probably sends a shiver up your spine BUT WAIT, it’s ok, this is from the studio that made the original trilogy. There is hope yet. And it looks beautiful and a lot of attention to detail appears to have been put in the game. It certainly looks like it has a lot of potential, but as we all know only release day will tell.

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